Split Systems and Air Conditioning

Split Systems and Air Conditioning

There are many factors to take into account when choosing the right air conditioning system such as the type of environment to be controlled, the size of the space and what it will be used for.


Southern Sky Electrical can help you develop an air conditioning solution tailored for your home or business.


Split-System Air Conditioning

Simple, Affordable with flexible installation options.

Wall mounted splits are an easy way to control temperature in single rooms or open spaces, with units designed for bedrooms to small-medium office spaces.


Multi-Split Air Conditioning

Entire home/work solution when ducting is not an option.

If your home or office is unable to conceal ducting, a multi-split system could be your solution.


For Air-Conditioning installation, the contractor you choose can be the deciding factor in whether you are satisfied with the job or not. It all comes down to the workmanship of the installation. Incorrect installation of units can result in water leaks, larger power bills and long term maintenance issues.


Southern Sky’s technicians are highly experienced in installation of reverse cycle split-systems. All authorised technicians are licensed through ARCtick and the Plumbers Industry Commission to ensure that all refrigerant is handled correctly and there is no damage to our environment. All workmanship is controlled by our Quality Management system and backed up by our lifetime guarantee on labour.

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