Our highly skilled technicians pride themselves on their commercial installation experience, we have the ability to deliver multiple services to our clients which in turn saves them time and money.The Services we provide:
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency lights
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Split Systems and Air Conditioning
  • Power points
  • Clubs
  • Data Cabling
  • Factory Fit outs
  • General Power and Lighting
  • Golf clubs
  • Government and semi-government departments
  • Hotels
  • Office lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Power breakdowns
  • Office fitouts
  • New office wiring
  • Office workstations
  • Office relocations and alterations
  • Switchboard upgrades and repairs
  • Private members clubs
  • RSL clubs
  • Schools
  • Pre-schools
  • Switchboards
  • Supply Upgrades
  • Turnkey Projects
Installation and MaintenanceAt Southern Sky Electrical we are committed to providing a comprehensive and superior range of electrical support services. Whether you are in need of anything from installation through to maintenance our electrical contractors are on-hand to give you the help you need.Emergency LightingIt is important that, in the case of emergency, employees know the right routes to take for an orderly evacuation. At Southern Sky Electrical we can supply and install highly-visible emergency lights to help highlight the right exit pathway.Emergency RepairsAlong with our installation and design solutions the team at Southern Sky Electrical offer a comprehensive and personalised emergency repair service for our commercial customers. No matter the time of day or night we will come to you to get your electrical systems up and running again.Split Systems and Air ConditioningThere are many factors to take into account when choosing the right air conditioning system such as the type of environment to be controlled, the size of the space and what it will be used for.Southern Sky Electrical can help you develop an air conditioning solution tailored for your home or business.Simple, Affordable with flexible installation options.Wall mounted splits are an easy way to control temperature in single rooms or open spaces, with units designed for bedrooms to small-medium office spaces.Multi-Split Air ConditioningEntire home/work solution when ducting is not an option.If your home or office is unable to conceal ducting, a multi-split system could be your solution.For Air-Conditioning installation, the contractor you choose can be the deciding factor in whether you are satisfied with the job or not. It all comes down to the workmanship of the installation. Incorrect installation of units can result in water leaks, larger power bills and long term maintenance issues.Southern Sky’s technicians are highly experienced in installation of reverse cycle split-systems. All authorised technicians are licensed through ARCtick and the Plumbers Industry Commission to ensure that all refrigerant is handled correctly and there is no damage to our environment. All workmanship is controlled by our Quality Management system and backed up by our lifetime guarantee on labour.Power pointsAt Southern Sky Electrical we are passionate about improving the access that businesses have to electricity. By installing power points at strategic locations around the office our electricians can ensure that cables and cords allow for uninterrupted power supply for a variety of appliances and pieces of equipment.ClubsNot just able to provide electrical services to domestic, industrial, and commercial customers Southern Sky Electrical excels at fitting out electrical components and appliances into clubs and other social establishments. From lighting, power sockets, and all the way to specialised machinery we can improve your club in next to no time.Data CablingAre you looking to improve the quality of your office’s connection to phone lines or the internet? Thanks to our skills and abilities the professional team at Southern Sky electrical can seamlessly install high-bandwidth data cabling to allow for the transfer of greater volumes of data.Factory Fit outsAlongside our maintenance and installation services the team of electricians at Southern Sky Electrical can competently conduct superior and comprehensive factory fit outs according to your specifications. From lighting installation through to complete rewiring our electricians can do it all.General Power and LightingIntegral to the effective operation of all offices is a well-lit environment. At Southern Sky Electrical our highly-trained team is qualified to install and fit superior and long lasting lighting solutions in offices across Melbourne to improve the efficiency and output of the employees.Golf clubsAt Southern Sky Electrical our skilled and fully-qualified electrical contractors can install and design complex electrical systems in social venues such as golf clubs. Working to the specifications we can fit out function rooms, club houses, and other related structures at the golf club.Government and semi-government departmentsThanks to our commitment to completing all of our works to Australian Standards the team at Southern Sky Electrical can ensure the safety and effectiveness of all works completed by our technicians. Our team has extensive experience working to fit out both government and semi-government departments based on their unique specifications and requirements.HotelsFrom regular maintenance through to electrical upgrades the electricians at Southern Sky Electrical can conduct superior and seamless electrical works in hotels. From small premises through to larger buildings Southern Sky Electrical is qualified to improve the quality and comfort of hotel rooms across the city.Office lightingFrom halogen lighting to fluorescent tubes the team of electrical contractors at Southern Sky Electrical can seamlessly install and integrate energy-saving and high-output globes and lights into your workplace for optimal lighting. By ensuring that your office has the right amount of light you can reduce eye-strain caused by exposure to low-light environments.LED lightingRenowned for being a superior option when compared to conventional bulb lighting LED lighting uses innovative technology to emit greater volumes of light while using much less energy and requiring less changing. At Southern Sky Electrical we can upgrade your businesses lights with long-lasting LED lights for improved efficiency.Power breakdownsHas your office been experiencing intermittent power outages or drops in the amount of power being supplied? Thanks to our detailed and personalised approach the team at Southern Sky Electrical can locate and repair the source of the interruptions and power breakdowns to guarantee the continued safety and efficiency of your system.Office fitoutsWorking closely to your needs and electrical requirements the passionate electricians at Southern Sky Electrical can drastically improve the efficiency and output of offices thanks to our personalised fit outs. No matter the size or layout of the office space we can make it hum with power for a higher-quality operation.New office wiringAlongside renovation wiring the qualified electricians at Southern Sky Electrical have the skills and abilities to safely install outstanding wiring throughout newly-built offices. Working to the designs and requirements of our clients we can ensure that there is an uninterrupted flow of power to all areas of the office.Office workstationsAt Southern Sky Electrical we pride ourselves in striving to improve office spaces and other commercial locations across the city. By installing appliances, data cabling, or other electrical components into office workstations our electricians can enhance the effectiveness and connectivity of the office as a whole.Office relocations and alterationsWorking collaboratively the qualified and skilled team of electrical contractors at Southern Sky Electrical can conduct both simple and complex electrical alterations and additions in offices undergoing restoration or renovation. Thanks to our focused approach your office will have better access to energy.Switchboard upgrades and repairsWith even the most basic electrical system minimising the waste of power drawn from the grid is very important in reducing unnecessarily expensive electricity bills. At Southern Sky Electrical we can upgrade and repair commercial switchboards to increase their efficiency in diverting energy and save your business money in the long run.Private members clubsAt Southern Sky Electrical we pride ourselves on delivering an unmatched and superior service at an affordable rate. Alongside our domestic and industrial electrical solutions we offer personalised electrical services to organisations including Private Members Clubs.RSL clubsThanks to our knowledge, training, and use of innovative techniques, the team of skilled electricians at Southern Sky Electrical can conduct repairs and electrical installations at social venues including RSL clubs. Renowned for hosting entertainment events and gaming machines RSL clubs draw a large amount of energy. Our team can install switchboards and superior wiring to improve the flow and direction of all power drawn from the system.SchoolsAt Southern Sky Electrical our team knows that buildings such as schools have personalised electrical needs and requirements. Thanks to our experience and expertise we can install electrical systems through both primary and secondary schools dependant on the function of the room they are being installed in. We can also install emergency shut off switches and other components for added levels of safety given the environment.Pre-schoolsAt Southern Sky Electrical we endeavour to provide our premium electrical repair and maintenance services to commercial businesses and properties across Melbourne. Our skilled electricians can design and install personalised electrical systems perfect for pre-schools. Taking safety into mind we shield and secure our systems from children tampering with them.SwitchboardsAre you drawing in more power than you are actually using? Do you experience power surges are strange intervals? At Southern Sky Electrical we excel at installing and upgrading energy efficient switchboards suited for commercial purposes. Thanks to our electricians you will have a superior level of power supplySupply UpgradesWhile in operation switchboards, and related components that draw power from the grid, can waste energy by drawing too much or distributing it incorrectly. At Southern Sky Electrical we can completely upgrade and overhaul your power supply appliances to improve the flow and quality of the energy being supplied to your building.Turnkey ProjectsAre you looking to have your electrical systems completely installed and fitted before moving into your commercial property? Using innovative and reliable techniques the dedicated team at Southern Sky Electrical ensure that your required electrical systems are up and running in time to cater for your move in date.To assist our commercial clients meet their legal obligations, we have implemented and maintain a fully compliant Quality Occupational Health & Safety Environmental management system (to ISO9001, AS4801 and AS14001).By working together with Southern Sky Electrical, our clients can significantly minimise their risk and meet their legal obligations at a reduced cost. We encourage all potential clients to contact our QOHSE System Manager should they require any information regarding our management system.To discuss an energy installation solution customised to your needs please contact Southern Sky Electrical on 1300 72 82 89.


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