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  • 3 Phase Machinery
  • 3 Phase Power Points
  • 3 Phase Power Systems
  • 3 Phase Switchboard Upgrades
  • Cable Tray Systems
  • Data Cabling
  • Extra Lights and Power Points
  • Factory Fit Outs
  • Factory Power and Lights
  • Hi Bay Lighting
  • New Lights
  • Roller Door Wiring
  • Machinery Relocation
  • Security Lights
3 Phase Machinery:

Committed to delivering a superior set of electrical solutions Southern Sky Electrical can install and comprehensively repair 3 Phase Machinery. Integral to successfully completing industrial operations Southern Sky Electrical can promptly bring damaged machinery back to working order.

3 Phase Power Points:

Specifically designed to safely transfer high voltages of power from the source to industrial machinery 3 phase power points are a necessity in industrial locations. At Southern Sky Electrical we are qualified to install and repair these power points for peace of mind of business owners and machine operators.

3 Phase Power Systems:

Able to generate large quantities of energy standard 3 Phase Power Systems do require regular maintenance to prevent catastrophic failure. At Southern Sky Electrical we are fully-qualified to repair and maintain damaged power systems to bring them back up to superior working order.

3 Phase Switchboard Upgrades:

At Southern Sky Electrical we excel at improving and upgrading residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems. Thanks to our skills, knowledge, and training we can complete superior 3 phase switchboard upgrades to help direct and conserve energy for industrial purposes.

Cable Tray Systems:

In areas with a surplus of electrical systems, computers, or other related systems cables and sealed wiring can become a trip hazard depending on the environment. Thanks to our knowledge and training the team at Southern Sky Electrical can install roof-mounted cable tray systems to keep hallways clear of thousands of metres of disorganised electrical cables.

Data Cabling:

Integral to the daily operations of workplaces using numerous computers, phones, or other devices that transmit data, data cabling ensures that a direct and stable connection to inter, or intra, nets. At Southern Sky Electrical we can supply and install data cabling solutions able to transfer large amounts of data without interruption.

Extra Lights and Power Points:

As industrial buildings are occupied by companies wanting to use the space for different needs and requirements newer fixtures and applications may be needed to meet the technical requirements of the operators. At Southern Sky Electrical we can promptly install extra lights and power points at locations necessary for optimal use.

Factory Fit Outs:

Whether you are wanting to improve your current electrical systems or are moving into a new location that has an existing system Southern Sky Electrical can completely conduct factory fit outs from the floor to the roof. Working to your specifications our electricians can improve the output of your daily operations.

Factory Power and Lights:Hi Bay Lighting:

Suspended from the roof for optimal lighting coverage hi bay lighting is well-suited for factories, warehouses and other large industrial sites. At Southern Sky Electrical we proudly install and wire high-quality and energy efficient hi bay lighting throughout industrial locations.

New Lights:

In some industrial spaces and locations covered roofs can leave assembly lines and factory floors too dark to safely complete daily tasks and projects. At Southern Sky Electrical we can securely install high-wattage industrial lighting to allow for greater visibility for increased safety.

Roller Door Wiring:

No matter the dimensions of the door the skilled and passionate team of electricians at Southern Sky Electrical can design and install superior and efficient roller door wiring to improve access to your buildings. Using the best equipment and products we can enhance the effectiveness of roller doors in next to no time.

Machinery Relocation:Security Lights:

At Southern Sky Electrical we know that protecting valuable stock and manufacturing equipment is extremely important to business owners. Committed to improving the safety and security of industrial sites our electricians can easily install hi-def security lights to ward off trespassers.



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