From a new light or power point to new home wiring, we are well equipped to handle domestic installation and maintenance of:

  • Power and Lighting
  • Mains power
  • Emergency Callouts
  • Meter box upgrades
  • Safety Switches & Tripping Faults
  • Safety switches
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Electric wall oven repairs and stove repairs
  • Switch Boards
  • LED Lighting
  • Electric hot water repairs
  • Solar Panels
  • Split Systems and Air Conditioning
  • Phone and Internet
  • Sensor lights
  • Garage power systems
  • Access Control
  • Fanlight installations
  • Rewire power and lights
  • Intercoms
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Telephone points
  • Garden lights
  • Security lights
  • Ixl tastic installations
  • Fan heater units
  • Body corporate
  • Aged care facilities
  • TV points
  • Power failure
  • Faulty power
  • Lights
  • Power points
  • Switchboard repairs and upgrades
Power and Lighting:

Southern Sky Electrical can supply and fit out homes, offices, retail premises, factories and more with the latest in lighting and power design. Some of the products we install:Lighting

  • Downlights
  • Bathroom Heat Lamps and Ventilation
  • External and Weatherproof Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Light Dimming
  • C-Bus Solutions


  • Ceiling and Wall Mounted Fans
  • Exhaust Fans
  • High Volume Extraction Fans


PowerPoints & Switches
  • Full range of Clipsal and HPM Switches & Socket Outlets
  • Decorative Switches
  • External & Weatherproof Outlets
  • 3 Phase Outlets
  • Industrial Switchgear


Power Distribution
  • New/Upgrade Main Switchboards
  • Distribution Boards
  • Meter Panels
Mains power:

Specialising in improving the flow of mains power to homes and businesses Southern Sky Electrical can provide a better electrical connection. In addition to wiring and rewiring work we can install plugs and outlets into your wall allowing for more convenient access to mains power.

Emergency Callouts:

At Southern Sky Electrical we know that the majority of electrical failures or issues are likely to happen when you are least expecting them or at the most inconvenient time. Committed to delivering an outstanding service to our customers we offer an around-the-clock emergency callout service to homes across Melbourne to ensure you are connected to the grid in no time at all.

Meter box upgrades:

Housing the switchboard and protecting it from the elements the meter box ensures that your switchboard continues to function without fault. At Southern Sky Electrical we offer valuable meter box upgrades, including the capacity to lock the box, to prevent external tampering and reduce the likelihood of pests living in the box.

Safety Switches & Tripping Faults:

At Southern Sky Electrical we are committed to improving the safety of your home’s electrical connection. Thanks to our qualifications and training we can promptly install safety switches while also identifying the root cause of faults that cause the switches to continually trip.

Safety switches:

Constantly monitoring the flow of electricity through a socket or plug safety switches prevent electrical surges from short-circuiting the system or the appliance currently drawing power. At Southern Sky Electrical we are passionate about improving the safety of our client’s electrical systems. You can trust us to install the most effective safety switches currently on the market into your system.

Smoke Alarms:

Necessary to the safety and security of the modern home is a functional smoke alarm. Southern Sky installs and tests smoke alarms for your peace of mind. Call our experts today to book in for an evaluation.

Electric wall oven repairs and stove repairs:

Is you stove or oven not getting to the right temperature to cook or heat food? At Southern Sky Electrical our team of fully-qualified electricians can promptly improve the quality of your oven or stove’s cooking capability; ensuring that all food is fully cooked when being prepared.

Switch Boards:

Integral to directing the flow of power from the source to throughout the home the switchboard prevents surges or waste of electricity. At Southern Sky Electrical we can repair and upgrade existing switchboards or install newer and more energy efficient switchboards to improve your home’s energy output.

LED Lighting:

Safer and more energy efficient than regular light globes LED lighting can brighten your home with ease and go for longer without burning out. At Southern Sky Electrical we can install LED lighting into your home’s existing lighting fixtures, saving you money on your electricity bill while improving the lighting in your home.

Electric hot water repairs:

At Southern Sky Electrical we know how inconvenient a broken hot water system can be. Using superior equipment and techniques we can promptly get your electrically-heated hot water flowing again through all pipes in your home.

Solar Panels:

Over recent years more and more homes have been installing high-quality solar panels to cut back on energy bills and make their homes more energy-efficient. At Southern Sky Electrical our team is fully-qualified to install and maintain superior solar panels made for homes across Melbourne.

Split Systems and Air Conditioning:

Summers in Australia are especially harsh and unrelenting. At Southern Sky Electrical we proudly offer repair and installation services for split system air conditioning units for your peace of mind. Once our technicians have looked over and repaired your system you will have immediate and uninterrupted access to cool and comfortable air.

Phone and Internet:

In addition to our superior installation and re-cabling works Southern Sky also excels in laying cabling for landline phone and internet connections. From standard telephone cables through to fibre-optic, high-bandwidth options we can get you connected in no time.

Sensor lights:

Do you want to add an additional level of security to your home? At Southern Sky Electrical we can install and wire superior and high-output sensor lights at strategic points around your home’s exterior to ward off trespassers. Our sensor lights emit a large amount of light to clearly allow identification of unknown individuals who trigger the sensor.

Garage power systems:

From installing and powering roller doors to lighting fixtures and wall sockets the skilled and safe team at Southern Sky Electrical are fully-qualified to bring power to your garage. Committed to convenience and professionalism our electricians will ensure that you have a steady supply of power depending on your needs and requirements.

Access Control:

If you are wanting to improve the security of your home then look no further than the passionate electricians at Southern Sky Electrical. Our team can promptly install outstanding and all-encompassing security systems into your home, giving you complete access and control from a central point.

Fanlight installations:

At Southern Sky Electrical we want to improve the comfort and function of your home’s electrical systems. Able to combine two features in one our skilled and professional team can seamlessly and safely anchor and install fanlights into your roof.

Rewire power and lights:

Has the power supply to your lights and other fixtures been faltering? Do you think your lights are drawing too much power? At Southern Sky Electrical we can comprehensively rewire your power and light systems to improve the flow and connection, removing any chance of hazards caused by faulty wiring.

Intercoms:When living in apartments or properties that are not easily accessible the use of intercoms can make allowing access to your property easy to control. At Southern Cross Electrical we can promptly install either voice-only or video intercoms to grant you complete control over who enters your home.

Turnkey Projects:

Thanks to our knowledge, training, and qualifications the team at Southern Sky Electrical excel at completing turnkey projects. Working to direction we can get properties ready for habitation in minimal time with minimal effort.

Telephone points:

At Southern Sky Electrical we are committed to improving your access to power straight from the grid. Strategically placed around the home telephone points allow for a phone in every room, and increased access to the internet through phone lines.

Garden lights:

Designed to thrive in the rain, hail, or sunshine Southern Sky Electrical can install a wide selection of garden lights to add a bit more atmosphere to your backyard. More durable an reliable than standard solar-powered lights our garden lights can be controlled from a single point for ease of control.

Security lights:

Alongside sensor lights the security lights installed by Southern Sky Electrical can immediately improve the protection of your home from trespassers or possible thieves. Available in both motion sensor and switch-controlled varieties we will improve the perimeter security of your home at an affordable rate.

Ixl tastic installations:

Famous for integrating both lighting and heating into one appliance the IXL range of installations are found in countless bathrooms across Australia. At Southern Sky Electrical we can easily install Tastic’s innovative range of lighting and heating products to make your bathroom more efficient and effective.

Fan heater units:

Perfect for helping in drying bathrooms after washing, fan heater units installed by Southern Sky Electrical can assist in warming up the room, especially on cold mornings or evenings. Discreetly installed into the ceiling they deliver optimal heating directly below.

Body corporate:

Thanks to our wide range of high quality services available at competitive and affordable prices Southern Sky Electrical is well-suited to complete repair and maintenance work for landlords and body corporate organisations. We can conduct cost-effective and reliable installations, inspections, and repairs for all property types with ease and professionalism.

Aged care facilities:

At Southern Sky Electrical we are committed to improving quality of life of our customers with our innovative appliances and electrical solutions. Specialising in fitting out aged care facilities with the latest aids designed to assist users suffering from mobility impairments our electricians can make daily tasks much easier.

TV points:

At Southern Sky Electrical our electricians are committed to improving the accessibility of your home’s access to power. Thanks to our training we can skilfully install and cable antenna outlets and points into any rooms in your house for optimal TV positioning.

Power failure:

Has your switchboard blown a fuse? Has the power in your home suddenly gone out? At Southern Sky Electrical our team of professional electrical technicians perform emergency call outs to homes across Melbourne. Once we are at your home we conduct thorough inspections and repairs to get your electricity flowing again.

Faulty power:

Have you been experiencing flickering lighting no matter how many times you change the lightbulb? Are you worried about the safety of your power supply? At Southern Sky Electrical we can conduct in-depth inspections of your electrical system to determine the root cause of the fault, and then can repair it at an affordable rate.


From globes through to fixtures the team at Southern Sky Electrical can brighten up your life with the flick of a switch. We proudly stock and can install and repair standard globes, energy-saving varieties, LED lighting, or fluorescent tubes our electricians can promptly install the right globe in the best place.

Power points:

While most rooms are already fitted with a number of power points that allow direct access to electricity, depending on your personal needs or requirements more points may be required. At Southern Sky Electrical we can accurately install and fully wire power points in desired locations to maximum effect.

Switchboard repairs and upgrades:

With so many older-style homes located across the city many properties are diverting power from the grid using outdated and unsafe switchboards. At Southern Sky Electrical we proudly offer switchboard upgrade and repair services to ensure your safety and prevent fires.

To book a consultation for any of these services contact Southern Sky Electrical on 1300 72 82 89 today.

Our services are available in Bayside, Carrum Downs, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Frankston, Mentone, Moorabbin, Mordialloc, Mornington, Seaford, Springvale and anywhere in Melbourne.



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